This list relates to the 2016-17 which ended on 31/07/2017
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  1. Recommended texts (for supplemental readings for those seeking further background): 3 items
    This module does not have any required books for purchase. Students seeking sophisticated yet accessible overviews of many topics in this module may wish to consult the following handbooks:
    1. International organization and global governance - Thomas George Weiss, Rorden Wilkinson 2014 (electronic book)


    2. The Oxford handbook of international relations - Christian Reus-Smit, Duncan Snidal 2010


  2. Note: Below are required readings for each weekly topic. A list of optional, supplemental readings for each topic is available on the module MMS page. Students seeking additional background or detailed analysis on specific issues are encouraged to consult this list.

  3. 1. Introduction 4 items
    1. Required Readings 4 items
      1. Who governs the globe? - Deborah D. Avant, Martha Finnemore, Susan K. Sell


  4. 2. States, power, and the sceptical view of governance 5 items
    1. Required Readings 5 items
      1. Politics among nations: the struggle for power and peace - Hans J. Morgenthau, Kenneth W. Thompson, W. David Clinton c2006

        Book  Read Part 1 (digitised). Earlier editions are available.

  5. 3. Institutions as functional responses to governance challenges 5 items
    1. Required Readings 5 items
      1. The Rational Design of International Institutions - Barbara Koremenos, Charles Lipson, Duncan Snidal 2001


  6. 4. Norms, socialization, and governance 5 items
    1. Required Readings 5 items
      1. Norms and Deterrence: The Nuclear and Chemical Weapons Taboos - Richard Price, Nina Tannenwald

        Chapter  Digitised.

  7. 5 - Module lecture and tutorials cancelled 1 item
    1. No readings

  8. 6. Nuclear non-proliferation 5 items
  9. 7. Conventional weapons disarmament: antipersonnel mines and cluster munitions 6 items
    1. Landmine and Monitor 2016 - International Campaign to Ban Landmines

      Webpage  Read at least the "Major Findings" section

    2. Cluster Munition Monitor 2016 - International Campaign to Ban Landmines

      Document  Read at least the "Major Findings" Section.

  10. 8. Humanitarian intervention and the "Responsibility to Protect" 5 items
    1. The Responsibility to Protect - ICISS

      Document  Read "Synopsis" and "The Policy Challenge", xi-xiii and 109.

    2. When Duty Calls. - Pape, Robert A.1,2 2012


  11. 9. The spread of human rights institutions 5 items
  12. 10. Compliance and the impact of human rights institutions 5 items
    1. Introduction and overview - Thomas Risse, Stephen C. Ropp


    2. Taming of the warlords - Hyeran Jo, Katherine Bryant


  13. 11. The International Criminal Court 5 items
    1. Can the International Criminal Court Deter Atrocity? - Hyeran Jo, Beth A Simmons 2016

      Article  Skim the statistical discussion

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