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  1. Java Collection Framework 1 item
    You will not be assessed/examined on the Java Collection Framework within CS1003. There won’t be exam questions or tutorial questions on this topic.However, using them in your exercises and practicals can make your life a lot easier.
  2. All material marked essential is examinable.

  3. Files and Directories 3 items
    Relevant to lectures in week 2.
    1. Linux Survival Module 3

      Webpage Recommended Skip sections on finding files and printing.

  4. Java I/O and Exceptions 5 items
    Relevant to lectures in week 2.
    1. Exceptions 2 items
      1. Java Exceptions - Beck Hasti

        Webpage Recommended

      2. Java foundations - Todd Greanier 2004 (electronic book)

        Book Optional Chapter 8, 'Exceptions'.

    2. Input/Output 3 items
      1. File (Java Platform SE 7)

        Webpage Recommended Read the overview and skim the method list. No need to try to memorise methods.

      2. Java programming 24-hour trainer - Yakov Fain 2015 (electronic book)

        Book Optional Chapter 16, 'Working with I/O Streams'.

  5. Information Retrieval 2 items
    Relevant to lectures in week 4.
    1. Information Retrieval: A Survey - Ed Greengrass 2000

      Document Essential Read chapters 2 and 3 (pp. 6-13).

    2. Search engines: information retrieval in practice - W. Bruce Croft, Donald Metzler, Trevor Strohman 2010

      Book Recommended

  6. Databases 4 items
    Relevant to lectures in week 4.
    1. SQL clearly explained - Jan L. Harrington 2010 (electronic book)

      Book Recommended Worth skim-reading chapters 1 and 4.

    2. The Database Book: Principles & Practice Using MySQL - Narain Gehani 2011 (electronic book)

      Book Optional

  7. JDBC 3 items
    Relevant to lectures in week 6.
    1. JDBC Example Code - Graham Kirby

      Webpage Essential

  8. Object-Relational Mapping 3 items
    Relevant to lectures in week 6. You don't need to worry about remembering the fine detail of the code examples - the important thing is to get an idea of the problem that ORM is addressing, and in general terms what the resulting application code looks like. You should consider how the code examples in the last section compare with what you would write using JDBC.
    1. ORM Example Code - Graham Kirby

      Webpage Essential

    2. Pro JPA 2 - Mike Keith, Merrick Schincariol 2013 (electronic book)

      Book Optional Chapter 1, 'Introduction' (Overview, Relational Databases, Object-Relational Mapping); chapter 2, 'Getting Started' (Creating an Entity, Entity Manager (sections Persisting an Entity, Finding an Entity, Removing an Entity, Updating an Entity).

  9. Mobile Storage 4 items
    Relevant to lectures in week 8.
    1. Android 1 item
    2. iOS 2 items
    3. Dropbox 1 item
  10. Big Data 3 items
    Relevant to lectures in week 8.
    1. Big data for dummies - Judith Hurwitz, Alan Nugent, Fern Helper, Marcia Kaufman 2013 (electronic book)

      Book Recommended

  11. MapReduce 3 items
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