1. Core text 1 item
    1. DaF kompakt neu: Kurs- und Arbeitsbuch B1 - Birgit Braun, Margit Doubek, Nadja Fügert 2016

      Book  ISBN: 9783126761888

  2. Recommended texts 9 items
    1. Dictionaries 2 items
      Please do not use the concise versions of these dictionaries as they will not meet your needs.
      1. Collins German dictionary - Beattie, Susie, Littlejohn, Joyce 2007


    2. Grammar reference works 7 items
      1. Essential German grammar - Durrell, Martin, Kohl, Katrin M., Loftus, Gudrun 2001


      2. Hammer's German grammar and usage (6th ed.) - Martin Durrell, A. E. Hammer 2017


      3. - the 5th ed. of Hammer's German Grammar and Usage is available as an e-book:

      4. Lehr- und Übungsbuch der deutschen Grammatik: - Dreyer, Hilke, Schmitt, Richard 2002


      5. German grammar in context: analysis and practice - Fehringer, Carol 2002

        Book  Available in the Library or as an e-book.

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