1. Set Texts 11 items
    1. Shakespeare 2 items
      Plays studied: Titus Andronicus, Julius Caesar, Coriolanus, Hamlet, King Lear, Macbeth, Othello. You should purchase one of the following editions.
      1. The Complete Works - William Shakespeare, Stanley Wells (ed.), Gary Taylor (ed.) 2005

        Book  (Or Volume 3: Tragedies)

      2. The Norton Shakespeare - William Shakespeare, Stephen Greenblatt (ed.) 2008


    2. Webster, Middleton 1 item
      1. Six Renaissance tragedies - Colin Gibson 1997

        Book  This includes 'The Duchess of Malfi' and 'The Changeling'.

    3. Marlowe 1 item
      1. Doctor Faustus and Other Plays - Christopher Marlowe, eds. David M. Bevington, Eric Rasmussen 1995


    4. Recommended Texts 7 items
      In addition to the set texts the following are recommended:
      1. Women Beware Women and other plays - Thomas Middleton, Richard Dutton (ed.) 1999


      2. Sejanus - Ben Jonson

        Chapter  in: Volpone and Other Plays, ed. Hutson

      3. You may want to buy individual editions of Shakespeare, in which case you should choose either Arden, which has the fullest scholarly apparatus and annotation, or New Cambridge or Oxford, which tend to be better on the plays in performance:

      4. Othello, the Moor of Venice - William Shakespeare, Michael Neill (ed.) 2006


      5. Macbeth - William Shakespeare, A. R. Braunmuller (ed.) 2008


      6. The one classical writer of tragedy that all the Elizabethans knew was Seneca; read the following if you want to sample Seneca in Elizabethan English:

      7. Thyestes - Seneca

        Chapter  In: Elizabethan Seneca: three tragedies

  2. Secondary Reading 115 items
    The following texts are predominantly concerned with Shakespeare but many will also contain chapters on his contemporaries (Marlow, Webster and Middleton in particular).
    1. Journals 4 items
      You will find that academic journals are an excellent source of articles on all of this module's authors:
    2. Bibliographies 2 items
      1. World Shakespeare Bibliography (electronic bibliographic database)

        Website  Comprehensive online bibliography.

      2. The Shakespeare Collection (electronic bibliographic database)

        Website  Another extremely useful resource which includes early editions (the First Folio and 29 quartos) and adaptations of the plays and the complete Arden Shakespeare (all of the 2nd series and part of the 3rd series).

    3. The critical and scholarly literature on Shakespeare and his contemporaries is, of course, vast, and the following is designed to act as a guide through the labyrinth without being too prescriptive.

    4. Companions and Contexts 20 items
      1. The Cambridge companion to English Renaissance drama - Braunmuller, A. R., Hattaway, Michael 2003


      2. Tragedy in transition - Brown, Sarah Annes, Silverstone, Catherine 2007

        Book  Available in the Library and as an e-book.

      3. A companion to tragedy - Rebecca W. Bushnell 2005

        Book  Available in the Library and as an e-book.

      4. A New history of early English drama - Cox, John D., Kastan, David Scott 1997

        Book  Chapter 1, 'World pictures, modern periods, and the early stage', has been digitised.

      5. Rogues and Rhetoricians: Acting Styles in early English Drama - Peter Thomson

        Chapter  In: A New History of Early English Drama

      6. The new Cambridge companion to Shakespeare - Margreta De Grazia, Stanley Wells 2010

        Book  Available in the Library and as an e-book.

      7. The Oxford companion to Shakespeare - Michael Dobson, Stanley Wells 2001

        Book  Available in the Library and as an e-book.

      8. A companion to Shakespeare's works: Volume 1: Tragedies - Richard Dutton, Jean E. Howard 2003 (electronic book)


      9. A companion to Renaissance drama - Arthur F. Kinney 2002

        Book  Available in the Library and as an e-book.

      10. How to do things with Shakespeare: new approaches, new essays - Laurie E. Maguire 2008

        Book  Available in the Library and as an e-book.

      11. Elizabethan Humanism: literature and learning in the later sixteenth century - Pincombe, Michael 2001

        Book  Chapter 10, 'Imitations of Humanity: William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Prince of Denmark', has been digitised.

      12. The Cambridge companion to English Renaissance tragedy - Emma Smith, Garrett A. Sullivan 2010

        Book  Available in the Library and as an e-book.

      13. Shakespeare's tragedies - Emma Smith 2004 (electronic book)


    5. Marlowe 9 items
      1. The Cambridge companion to Christopher Marlowe - Cheney, Patrick Gerard 2004

        Book  Available in the Library and as an e-book.

      2. Christopher Marlowe - Kelsall, Malcolm 1981


      3. Dr Faustus and Reformation Theology - K. Poole

        Chapter  Chapter 9.

      4. Marlowe: a critical study - Steane, J. B. 1964


    6. Shakespeare's Classical Inheritance and the Roman Plays 14 items
      1. Shakespeare and Ovid - Bate, Jonathan 1993


      2. Shakespeare: the Roman plays - Graham Holderness, Bryan Loughrey, Andrew Murphy 1996


      3. Roman Shakespeare: warriors, wounds, and women - Kahn, Coppélia 1997

        Book  Available in the Library and as an e-book.

      4. Shakespeare and the uses of antiquity: an intructory essay - Martindale, Charles, Martindale, Michelle 1990


    7. Shakespeare: General Criticism 24 items
      1. The Romantics on Shakespeare - Bate, Jonathan 1992


      2. The subject of tragedy: identity and difference in Renaissance drama - Belsey, Catherine 1985

        Book  Chapter 2, 'Unity', has been digitised.

      3. Radical tragedy: religion, ideology and power in the drama of Shakespeare and his contemporaries - Dollimore, Jonathan 2004

        Book  Chapter 16, 'Beyond Essentialist Humanism', has been digitised.

      4. Political Shakespeare: new essays in cultural materialism - Dollimore, Jonathan, Sinfield, Alan 1985


      5. Shakespeare's tragic imagination - Grene, Nicholas 1992

        Book  Chapter 8, 'Macbeth', has been digitised.

      6. The uses of this world: thinking space in Shakespeare, Marlowe, Cary and Jonson - Hiscock, Andrew 2004

        Book  Chapter 3, ''Here is my space': The politics of appropriation in Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra', has been digitised.

      7. Shakespeare reproduced: the text in history and ideology - Howard, Jean E., O'Connor, Marion F. 1987


      8. Samuel Johnson on Shakespeare - Johnson, Samuel, Woudhuysen, H. R. (ed.) 1989


      9. Revenge tragedy: Aeschylus to Armageddon - Kerrigan, John 1996

        Book  Chapter 7, ''Remember me!': Horestes, Hieronimo, and Hamlet', has been digitised.

      10. Shakespeare, race, and colonialism - Loomba, Ania 2002

        Book  Chapter 4, 'Othello and the Racial Question', has been digitised.

      11. Issues of death: mortality and identity in English Renaissance tragedy - Neill, Michael 1997

        Book  Chapter 3, 'Opening the moor: Death and discovery in Othello', has been digitised.

      12. King Lear - Ryan, Kiernan 1993


    8. From Stage to Page 10 items
      1. The Smell of "Macbeth" - Jonathan Gil Harris 2007


      2. Doctor Faustus A- and B- texts (1604, 1616) - Christopher Marlowe, David M. Bevington (ed.), Eric Rasmussen (ed.) 1993


      3. The first quarto of Othello - William Shakespeare, Scott McMillin (ed.) 2001


      4. A Concise Companion to Shakespeare and the Text 21/01/2008

        Book  Available in the Library and as an e-book.

      5. Shakespeare in parts - Simon Palfrey, Tiffany Stern 2007

        Book  Read especially: chapter 13 “The cue-space in King Lear”, pp. 240-265. Available in the Library and as an e-book.

      6. The Division of the kingdoms: Shakespeare's two versions of King Lear - Gary Taylor, Michael Warren 1983

        Book  The introduction, 'The once and future King Lear', has been digitised.

      7. King Lear: a parallel text edition - William Shakespeare, René Weis (ed.) 2010

        Book  Available in the Library and as an e-book.

    9. Jacobean Tragedy 12 items
      1. Horrid laughter in Jacobean tragedy - Brooke, Nicholas 1979

        Book  Chapter 6, 'Women beware women', has been digitised.

      2. Tragedy and scepticism in Shakespeare's England - Hamlin, William M. 2005

        Book  Chapter 10, 'False fire: Providence and violence in Webster's tragedies', has been digitised.

      3. The tragedy of state - Lever, J. W. 1971


      4. English Renaissance tragedy - McAlindon, T. 1986


      5. Revenge tragedy - Simkin, Stevie 2001


      6. Masques in Jacobean tragedy - Sutherland, Sarah P. 1983

        Book  Read: Introduction, pp. ix-xv.

    10. Gender and Sexuality 13 items
      See also Kahn, Dollimore, Parker and Adelman above.
      1. Shakespeare and the nature of women - Dusinberre, Juliet 2003


      2. Queering the Renaissance - Goldberg, Jonathan 1994


      3. Still harping on daughters: women and drama in the age of Shakespeare - Jardine, Lisa 1989

        Book  Chapter 3, ''I'am Duchess of Malfi still': Wealth, inheritance and the spectre of strong women', has been digitised.

      4. Shakespeare and masculinity - Smith, Bruce R. 2000


    11. Electronic Resources 6 items
      1. ABELL: Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (electronic bibliographic database)

        Website  Records of secondary sources from 1920 to the present day.

      2. EEBO: Early English Books Online (electronic bibliographic database)

        Website  Offers facsimiles of early printed books.

      3. LION: Literature Online (electronic bibliographic database)

        Website  A huge database of primary texts (including many that you will not be able to find in the Library), with criticism and bibliographies.

      4. World Shakespeare Bibliography (electronic bibliographic database)

        Website  A more focused bibliographic resource.

      5. Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet

        Webpage  A good collection of Shakespearean material and links.

      6. VoS: Voice of the Shuttle

        Website  A database of links to websites dealing with the humanities. There is a section on Renaissance literature.

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