1. Library Resources

    The principal source of books and journals is the St Andrews Main Library (including items digitised specifically for this course and uploaded onto MMS). You should be prepared to use internet resources, including databases available via the Library, for example, Westlaw.

  2. Three Introductory Texts 3 items
    Useful for initial orientation:
    1. About law: an introduction - Tony Honoré 1995


  3. Week 1: The Founding of Modern Academic Jurisprudence (i): Law and Statehood 14 items
    1. Required Primary Texts: 2 items
      1. French Civil Code

        Webpage  Extracts (in Eng. trans.) from the 1804 Code civil des français: "Preliminary Title. Of the Publication, Effect, and Application of the Laws in General" and Book 1, Title 1 "Of the Enjoyment and Privation of Civil Rights".

    2. Required Secondary Reading: 2 items
      1. On the rule of law: history, politics, theory - Brian Z. Tamanaha 2004

        Book  Chapter 3 (digitised).

    3. Further Reading: 10 items
      1. i) French Revolution and the Code civil des français: 4 items
        1. Liberty, equality, fraternity: exploring the French Revolution - Jack Richard Censer, Lynn Avery Hunt 2001


        2. Introduction to comparative law - Konrad Zweigert, Hein Kötz, Tony Weir (trans.) 1998

          Book  Chapters 5-9.

      2. ii) Critiques and broader perspectives: 6 items
        1. The Decline of the Nation State and the End of the Rights of Man - Hannah Arendt

          Chapter  Newer editions also available in Library.

        2. The French Revolution in global perspective - Suzanne Desan, Lynn Avery Hunt, William Max Nelson 2013


        3. Peoples and Nations - J. Fisch

          Chapter  Available in the Library and as an e-book.

  4. Week 2: The Founding of Modern Academic Jurisprudence (ii): Colonialism, Empire and Law 21 items
    1. Required Primary Texts: 5 items
      1. Both texts are also available to consult via the Library's Special Collections:

    2. Required Secondary Reading: 3 items
      1. Alibis of Empire - Karuna Mantena 2010

        Book  Especially chapters 2 and 4.

      2. Postcolonial politics and personal laws: colonial legal legacies and the Indian state - Rina Verma Williams 2006

        Book  Chapter 2. Available in the Library and as an e-book.

    3. Further Reading: 13 items
      1. i) Introductory and background: 5 items
        1. The Victorian achievement of Sir Henry Maine: a centennial reappraisal - Alan Diamond 1991

          Book  Especially Part III, "Maine on Law, Legal Change and Legal Education and Part IV, "Maine and India".

        2. What is the West? - Philippe Nemo 2006


      2. ii) Critiques and broader perspectives: 8 items
        1. Law and colonial cultures: legal regimes in world history, 1400-1900 - Lauren A. Benton 2002

          Book  Available in the Library and as an e-book.

        2. The Rule of Law Revival - T. Carothers

          Chapter  Originally published in 1998.

  5. Week 3: The Founding of Modern Academic Jurisprudence (iii): Law and Social Science, Eugen Ehrlich (and Hans Kelsen) 13 items
    1. Task for everyone: Find Bukovina on a map.

    2. Required Primary Texts: 1 item
      1. Fundamental principles of the sociology of law - Eugen Ehrlich, Walter L. Moll (trans.) 2002

        Book  English translation with an introduction by Roscoe Pound [note for Week 5!] and a new introduction by Klaus Ziegert (New Brunswick and London, 2009. Originally published Cambridge Mass., 1936). Chapter 21 (digitised).

    3. Required Secondary Reading: 2 items
    4. Further Reading: 9 items
      1. i) Introductory and background: 3 items
      2. ii) Critiques and broader perspectives: 4 items
        1. Normativity in legal sociology: methodological reflections on law and regulation in late modernity - Reza Banakar 2015

          Book  Especially section 3.2, "Kelsen's critique of Ehrlich", 139-140.

        2. Law and Sociology - Michael Freeeman 2006

          Book  Especially essays by Freeman; Nobles and Schiff; Griffiths; Ross; and Motyka.

        3. The Sociology Behind Eugen Ehrlich's Sociology of Law - K. A. Ziegert 1979

          Article  Not available via Library holdings, digitisation requested.

      3. iii) For comparison: H. L. A. Hart and The Concept of Law: 2 items
        1. The concept of law - H. L. A. Hart, Joseph Raz, Penelope A. Bulloch 2012

          Book  Especially Leslie Green's, ‘Introduction’, pp. xvii-xxvii, and chapter 1.

  6. Week 4: Positivism and its critics (i): 'Legal formalism', Bentham to Langdell 18 items
    1. Primary Texts: 1 item
      1. (1884) 14 Q.B.D. 273. R v Dudley and Stephens

        Legal Case Document  Case analysis and related documents also available via this link. Access via Westlaw.

    2. Required Secondary Reading: 2 items
      1. Is eating people wrong? - Allan C. Hutchinson

        Chapter  Digitised.

      2. Law's Boundaries - Frederick Schauer 2016

        Article  Forthcoming in the Harvard Law Review. Available at SSRN.

    3. Further Reading: 15 items
      1. i) Introductory and background: 4 items
        1. Legal Positivism - B. H. Bix


        2. Legal Formalism - Daniel A. Farber

          Chapter  This article is a revision of the previous edition article by D. Kennedy, volume 13, pp. 8634–8638, 2001.

        3. Formalism - Frederick Schauer 1988


      2. ii) Bentham and Positivism: 2 items
        1. 'Legislator of the world': writings on codification, law, and education - Jeremy Bentham, Philip Schofield (ed.), Jonathan Harris (ed.) 1998


      3. iii) American jurisprudence, Langdell and the 'Case Method': 4 items
      4. iv) Critiques and broader perspectives (see also reading for Week 5): 5 items
        1. A Case for Another Case Method - Todd D. Rakoff, Martha Minow 2007


        2. See also:

        3. Legality - Scott Shapiro 2013

          Book  Chapters 3-4.

  7. Week 5: Positivism and its Critics (ii): Legal Realism 14 items
    1. Primary Texts : 1 item
      1. The Cheyenne way: conflict and case law in primitive jurisprudence - Karl N. Llewellyn, E. Adamson Hoebel 1941

        Book  Preface and chapter 1 have been digitised.

    2. Required Secondary Reading: 2 items
    3. Further Reading: 11 items
      1. (i) Introductory: 1 item
        1. American Legal Realism - B. Leiter

          Chapter  Leiter, B., "American Legal Realism", 50-79.

      2. (ii) American Legal Realism: 6 items
        1. Are Judges Human Part 1: The Effect on Legal Thinking of the Assumption That Judges Behave Like Human Beings - Jerome Franl 1932

          Article  "Are judges human? Part two: As through a class darkly" appears in the following issue.

        2. The theory of rules - Karl N. Llewellyn, Frederick F. Schauer (ed.) 2011 (electronic book)


      3. iii) Critique and Broader Perspectives: 4 items
        1. Naturalizing Jurisprudence - Brian Leiter 2007

          Book  Especially chapters 2 and 3.

        2. A realistic theory of law - Brian Z. Tamanaha 2017


  8. Week 6: Independent Learning Week

  9. Week 7: Positivism and its Critics (iii): Critical Legal Studies 17 items
    1. Primary Texts: 2 items
    2. Required Secondary Reading: 2 items
      1. Critical Legal Theory - Raymond Wacks

        Chapter  Digitised.

    3. Further Reading: 13 items
      1. (i) Introductory and Context: 4 items
        1. Sez Who? Critical Legal History Without a Privileged Position - John Henry Schlegel 2017

          Article  Forthcoming in the Oxford Handbook of Historical Legal Research, Markus D. Dubber and Christopher Tomlins (eds.). Available at SSRN.

      2. (ii) CLS: an American movement? 7 items
        1. Critical race theory: an introduction - Richard Delgado, Jean Stefancic 2017

          Book  Chapter 3

        2. The critical legal studies movement - Roberto Mangabeira Unger 1986


      3. (iii) CLS and Constitutional Law: 2 items
  10. Week 8: Positivism and its Critics (iv): Law And / In Society 17 items
    1. Task for everyone: Find 'Pasargada' on a map.

    2. Primary Texts: 2 items
    3. Required Secondary Reading: 1 item
    4. Further Reading: 13 items
      1. (i) Introductory and context: 6 items
        1. Power in Paradise: The Political Implications of Santos's Utopia - E. Darian-Smith 1998

          Article  Review of the first edition of Santos's 'Toward a New Legal Common Sense'.

        2. The handbook of law and society - Austin Sarat, Patricia Ewick 2015 (electronic book)


      2. (ii) Further reading: 7 items
        1. 'Law/Society', theory and debate: 5 items
          1. Ehrlich's legacies: Back to the future in the sociology of law - D. Nelken

            Chapter  Nelken, D., "Ehrlich's legacies: Back to the future in the sociology of law".

          2. Religion, law and society - Russell Sandberg 2014


        2. Two more (classic) examples of Law/Society scholarship: 2 items
          1. Courts as Performances... - S. E. Merry

            Chapter  On Hawai'i.

  11. Week 9: Law and Constitutionalism (i): Legal and Constitutional Pluralism(s): New and Old 16 items
    1. Required Reading: 3 items
    2. Further Secondary Reading: 13 items
      1. (i) 'Legal Pluralism(s)', some key readings: 5 items
        1. What is Legal Pluralism? - John Griffiths 1986

          Article  The classic article.

      2. (ii) Legal Pluralism', some critiques: 4 items
      3. (iii) 'Constitutional Pluralism' 4 items
        1. Constitutionalism and democracy - Jon Elster, Rune Slagstad 1988

          Book  Introduction and context.

        2. Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law - S. Stimson

          Chapter  Introduction and background.

  12. Week 10: Law and Constitutionalism (ii): Global Constitutionalism 20 items
    1. Required secondary reading: 4 items
      1. Lang, A.F. Jr and Wiener, A., "Introduction" Handbook on Global Constitutionalism, (London, forthcoming 2017) [MOODLE]

      2. Neil Walker, "Constitutionalism and Pluralism" in A Lang and A Wiener, eds., Handbook on Global Constitutionalism (London: Edward Elgar Publishers, 2017): 433-444 [MOODLE]

      3. Introducing global integral constitutionalism - James Tully, Jeffrey L. Dunoff, Anthony F. Lang, Mattias Kumm 2016


    2. Further Reading: 16 items
      1. Introduction and Context: 4 items
        1. The Encyclopedia of Political Thought - Michael Gibbons 2015

          Book  Not available via Library holdings. Peters, A., "Global Constitutionalism", 1484-1487. [MOODLE]

      2. Global Legal Pluralism: 6 items
        1. Read with the following review:

        2. And the response:

      3. Constitutionalized World Order(s)?: 6 items
        1. The constitutionalization of international law - Jan Klabbers, Anne Peters, Geir Ulfstein 2009

          Book  Available in the Library and as an e-book.

        2. Constitutional fragments: societal constitutionalism and globalization - Gunther Teubner, Gareth Norbury 2012

          Book  Available in the Library and as an e-book.

        3. The constitutionalization of the global corporate sphere - Grahame Thompson 2012

          Book  Available in the Library and as an e-book.

  13. Week 11: Review. 'The' Idea of Law? 7 items
    1. Task for everyone: Find the town of 'Newgarth' on a map.

    2. Required Reading: 6 items
      1. This article has had a life of its own. See the following video:

      2. Speluncean Explorers - Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India 2015

        Audio-visual document 

      3. Note also the fifty year anniversary publication:

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