1. General Reading: 26 items
    1. Moving mountains: communities confront mining and globalisation - Geoff Evans, James Goodman, Nina Lansbury 2002


    2. Leviathans at the gold mine - Alex Golub 2014 (electronic book)


    3. Resources, Nations and Indigenous Peoples - R. Howitt, J. Connell, P. Hirsch


    4. Women miners in developing countries: pit women and others - Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt, Martha Macintyre 2006


  2. Week 1 1 item
    1. Introduction.

  3. Week 2. Bolivia: Potosi, Spanish Conquest and the Devil 8 items
    1. Seminar Readings: 1 item
    2. Other Readings: 5 items
    3. Audio Visual: 2 items
      1. The Devil's miner - Kief Davidson, Richard Ladkani 2005 (dvd)

        Audio-visual document  Available in the Library and the Social Anthropology collection, no. 252.

  4. Week 3. California: Gold Rush, 1851, ‘When Uninvited Guests Bring Gifts of Death’ 12 items
    1. Seminar Readings: 2 items
      1. Walking where we lived: memoirs of a Mono Indian family - Gaylen D. Lee, Mark Q. Sutton 1998

        Book  Chapters 4 and 5.

    2. Other Readings: 7 items
      1. Handbook of the Indians of California - A. L. Kroeber 1925

        Book  Mono at p582ff, see 587.

      2. The frontier in American history - Frederick Jackson Turner 1920

        Book  See also extract available via Google Books (click through Online Resource button to view).

    3. Audio Visual: 3 items
      1. Kennecott Eagle Mine: Stomping on Native American Rights - National Wildlife 2008

        Audio-visual document 

  5. Week 4. Canada: The Mackenzie Valley Gas Pipeline Enquiry 16 items
    1. Seminar Readings: 4 items
      1. Village journey: the report of the Alaska Native Review Commission - Thomas R. Berger 1995

        Book  Read 'Subsistence'. Following the Mackenzie Valley enquiry, Berger used the same method in Alaska.

    2. Other Readings: 9 items
      1. Little bit know something: stories in a language of anthropology - Robin Ridington 1990

        Book  Especially ‘Cultures in Conflict’, pp. 186-205, and ‘When Poison Gas Come Down Like a Fog’, pp. 206-224.

    3. Audio Visual: 3 items
      1. The Berger Inquiry 2012

        Webpage  Colorado summary of the inquiry and links to videos.

  6. Week 5: Living off the land and working in the mines - Yukon perspectives 2 items
    1. This lecture talks about fly-in/fly-out // long-distance commute (FIFO/LDC) work in mining and pursuing a subsistence way of life; i.e multilocal living. It is based on three years of anthropological field work in Canada´s Yukon Territory among the First Nation of Na Cho Nyäk Dun which is related to mining since the beginning of the 20th century.

    2. Mining on First Nation Land - The First Nation of Na-Cho Nyäk Dun in Mayo/Yukon Territory - Gertrude Saxinger 2017

      Audio-visual document  I will also show a little film I did with my PhD student et al. last year in the Yukon.

  7. Week 6. Zambia: Colonial Copperbelt and so-called ‘African Industrial Revolution’ 10 items
    1. Seminar Readings: 3 items
      1. Global Disconnect - J. Ferguson

        Chapter  Digitised.

    2. Other Readings: 4 items
    3. Audio Visual: 3 items
      1. Transformation: From trade to tax - Christian Aid 2008

        Audio-visual document 

      2. Zambia seeks bigger copper profits - Al Jazeera English 2007

        Audio-visual document 

      3. Zambia's toxic town - Al Jazeera English 2007

        Audio-visual document 

  8. Week 7. Australia: Coronation Hill and Evaluating New Sacred Places and Expertise 15 items
    1. Seminar Readings: 3 items
    2. Other Readings: 10 items
      1. Mining and indigenous peoples in Australasia - John Connell, Richard Howitt 1991


      2. Aborigines, land, and land rights - Nicolas Peterson, Marcia Langton 1983


      3. The Merlan-Keen-Brunton debate was shortly followed by another exchange:

    3. Audio Visual: 2 items
      1. The Long Wait for Sorry 2008

        Webpage  Many members of the Stolen Generations have mixed feelings about the Government's formal apology for the forcible removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island children.

  9. Week 8. Papua New Guinea: Ok Tedi, Cracked Pot and the Leak of ‘Blessings’ 14 items
    1. Seminar Readings: 3 items
      1. Social Impact of the Ok Tedi Mine On the Yonggom Villages of the North Fly, 1992 - Stuart Kirsch 1993

        Document  Consultancy report; especially Yonggom descriptions of environmental effects.

      2. West Ningerum Pressure Association, 2000. 'Petition on the Demand of Compensation Claims: The Ok Tarim, Birim River System Pollution from the Ok Tedi Mining Operations'. 

    2. Other Readings: 9 items
      1. Ok Tedi 24:00 - Chuck Fishman (et al.) 1983


      2. Ok Tedi: the pot of gold - Richard Thomas Jackson n.d.


    3. Audio Visual: 2 items
  10. Week 9. Brazil: Kayapó Responses, Resistance and Resilience in the Amazon Forest 8 items
    1. Seminar Readings: 2 items
    2. Audio Visual: 2 items
      1. Film: The Kayapó (1987) 013/3. Contrasts two Kayapo tribes, the Kapot who live a traditional lifestyle while aware of modern Brazil's interest in the area, and the Gorotire who earn $2m per year controlling mining on their land. The Gorotire use modern technology to record their rituals and traditions and plan to close down the mine and return to their old way of life.

      2. The Kayapó Nation: Protectors of the Amazon - Conservation International 2008

        Audio-visual document 

    3. Other Readings: 4 items
  11. Week 10. Papua New Guinea: Kutubu Oil, Myth and Land Groups 8 items
    1. Seminar Readings: 2 items
      1. The Foi Incorporated Land Group - J. F. Weiner

        Chapter  Available in the Library and online.

    2. Other Readings: 6 items
  12. Week 11. Nigeria: ‘Blood Oil’, Resource Curse and the Spectacle of Culture 10 items
    1. Seminar Readings: 3 items
      1. Resource Curse? Governmentality, Oil and Power in the Niger Delta, Nigeria - M. Watts

        Chapter  See pp. 66-76 on Ken Saro-Wiwa. [Available in the Library and as an e-book]

    2. Other Readings: 5 items
    3. Audio Visual: 2 items
      1. Oil War - Nigeria 2007

        Audio-visual document  Nigeria's lucrative oil reserves may have enriched its politicians but they've brought little but misery to ordinary people. Now, a rebel group is fighting for a share of the profits.

  13. Week 12: Recapitulation 1 item
    1. No set readings.

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