1. Course Textbook 1 item
    1. An introduction to metaphysics - John W. Carroll, Ned Markosian 2010

      Book Suggested for student purchase This is the most useful book to accompany the module, though it does not contain the main readings for tutorials (on which see below).

  2. Other Introductory Textbooks 3 items
    1. Metaphysics - Peter Van Inwagen 2010

      Book  Very good, and covers several of the main topics.

    2. Riddles of existence: a guided tour of metaphysics - Earl Brink Conee, Theodore Sider 2005

      Book  Very cheap; very introductory; doesn’t cover as many topics.

    3. In addition to the books listed above there are several other excellent introductory textbooks in metaphysics, but they tend not to give so much emphasis to the 'mind' topics covered in the first half of this module.

  3. Essential Readings 13 items
    In addition to the essential readings below, which will form the basis for tutorial discussions, you may find it useful to consult the relevant chapter of one of the textbooks listed above. References to further readings will be given in lectures and/or on MMS. See also the Short Loan list for this module, which can be accessed via the SAULCAT catalogue. Please make sure you have read the essential reading before your tutorial.
    1. Week 1: Free Will 1 item
    2. Week 2: Personal Identity 1 item
      1. Personal Identity - Derek Parfit 1971

        Article Essential

    3. Week 3: Identity and Change 1 item
      1. Sameness and Difference - Katherine Hawley

        Chapter Essential

    4. Week 4: Causation 2 items
      1. Various other editions are available in the Library (e.g. at B1481.B4) and online (e.g. at

    5. Week 5: The Nature of Time 1 item
    6. Week 6: Independent Learning Week

    7. Week 7: The Mind-Body Problem I 2 items
      1. Extract from The Correspondence between Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia and René Descartes

        Chapter Essential Letters IX and X on the relation of soul and body (digitised).

    8. Week 8: The Mind-Body Problem II 1 item
      1. The Mental and the Physical - Louise Antony

        Chapter Essential Digitised.

    9. Week 9: Realism 1 item
      1. Two Philosophical Perspectives - Hilary Putnam

        Chapter Essential Digitised.

    10. Week 10: Classification and Social Kinds I 1 item
      1. Natural Kinds - Rachel Cooper

        Chapter  Digitised.

    11. Week 11: Classification and Social Kinds II 1 item
  4. Further Readings 2 items
    1. The Ontological Problem (the Mind-Body Problem) - Paul M. Churchland

      Chapter  See especially section 1 on dualism (pages 11-28 in e-book), but the whole chapter is useful. Available in the Library and as an e-book.

    2. Lists of further readings will appear on MMS as the module progresses. These will be particularly important when writing essays, but also important as general background.

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