1. Language 18 items
    Below are some general works which you may find useful for the course as a whole. There is no perfect grammar book, or dictionary. You should try to build up a personal list of books that answer different types of questions and which you can work with effectively. The aim of this list is neither to be exhaustive or prescriptive. It is, rather, to get you started and to get you into the right sections of the Library.
    1. Overview 3 items
      1. Bücherkunde für Germanisten: Studienausgabe - Johannes Hansel 1967

        Book  A useful, though now dated, overview of where and how to find information.

      2. The New Encyclopaedia Britannica 1993

        Book  Don't forget this invaluable text, and the German version - Brockhaus - below.

    2. Dictionaries 8 items
      If you intend to continue with German, you must buy a good bilingual dictionary.
      1. or:

      2. Collins German dictionary - Susie Beattie, Joyce Littlejohn 2007


      3. Wahrig Deutsches Wörterbuch

        Book  You will also find it useful to consult and, if you are continuing with German, eventually to purchase, a monolingual dictionary, such as a Wahrig edition.

      4. Often a general dictionary will only get you so far. For the adventurous Germanisten, more specialized tools are also invaluable for reference:

      5. Der Duden in zwölf Bänden: das Standardwerk zur deutschen Sprache - Matthias Wermke, Kathrin Kunkel-Razum, Werner Scholze-Stubenrecht 2001-2007

        Book  See Bd. 2 Stilwörterbuch for checking cases/collocations and Bd. 9 Richtiges und gutes Deutsch: Wörterbuch der sprachlichen Zweifelsfälle for entries on letters, spelling, capitalization, style etc.

      6. Using German synonyms - Martin Durrell 2000

        Book  Contains a list of easily confused words.

      7. A dictionary of modern German prose usage - Hans Friedrich Eggeling 1961

        Book  Not very modern, but useful. Explains the history of problems/synonyms.

    3. Grammar 3 items
      1. Advanced German Course - Agatha Russon, Leslie John Russon 1978

        Book  A great book: includes grammar, exercises, translation and an introduction to literary analysis.

      2. Hammer's German grammar and usage (6th ed.) - Martin Durrell, A. E. Hammer 2017

        Book  The classic English language grammar of German. Earlier editions (+ e-book edition) available in the Library - check SAULCAT for details.

      3. Lehr- und Übungsbuch der deutschen Grammatik: - Hilke Dreyer, Richard Schmitt 2002

        Book  Contains exercises.

    4. Vocabulary 2 items
      1. Using German vocabulary - Sarah M. B. Fagan 2004


    5. Study aids 2 items
      1. Study skills for language students: a practical guide - Sydney G. Donald, Pauline Estner Kneale 2001


      2. Success with languages - Hurd, Stella, Murphy, Linda 2005


  2. What is German Studies? 51 items
    Here you will find suggested reading on each of the specific topics on this part of the module, as well as general reading to get you acquainted with Germanistik more broadly.
    1. Weeks 1 and 2: Remembering the Past 6 items
      See MMS for the Richard von Weizsäcker speech that we will work on in class
      1. A history of Germany, 1918-2000: the divided nation - Mary Fulbrook 2002

        Book  Excellent overview of 20th century Germany.

      2. Facing the Nazi past: united Germany and the legacy of the Third Reich - William John Niven 2002 (electronic book)

        Book  A key text for understanding the politicisation of memory during the Cold War.

      3. Memorialization in Germany since 1945 - William John Niven, Chloe E. M. Paver 2010 (electronic book)


      4. Postwar Germany and the Holocaust - Caroline Sharples 2016


    2. Weeks 3 and 4: Introduction to Literature: Kafka 9 items
      The scholarly literature on Kafka is vast but the following texts can be relied upon to provide you with reliable and useful information
      1. Die Verwandlung - Franz Kafka 2001

        Book Suggested for student purchase

      2. Die Verwandlung - Franz Kafka 2006 (electronic book)

        Book  This edition of Die Verwandlung was originally published in 1985 in the series ‘Twentieth Century German Texts’ for use in the sixth form and in the first year of university studies. It is available as an e-book and is especially recommended for its concise introduction (pp. 1-22)

      3. Franz Kafka: der ewige Sohn : eine Biographie - Peter-André Alt 2005

        Book  Excellent modern biography of Kafka by a leading Germanist.

      4. Kafka for beginners - David Zane Mairowitz, Robert Crumb 1993


      5. The Cambridge companion to Kafka - Julian Preece 2002 (electronic book)


      6. Kafka: a very short introduction - Ritchie Robertson 2004 (electronic book)

        Book  Essential starting point in studying Kafka.

      7. Kafka, die frühen Jahre - Reiner Stach 2014

        Book  With the publication of Kafka: Die frühen Jahre, covering the author’s life from 1883 to 1911, Reiner Stach completed his definitive three-volume biography of Franz Kafka. The first volume, Kafka: Die Jahre der Entscheidungen (2002), covers the period 1910-1915, and the second Kafka: Die Jahre der Erkenntnis (2008) the latter part of Kafka’s life, from 1916 to 1924.

    3. Weeks 5 and 7: The History of Ideas: Herder 7 items
      1. Ideen zur Philosophie der Geschichte der Menschheit - Johann Gottfried von Herder, Gerhart Schmidt 1966

        Book  Short selections will be provided on MMS.

      2. A companion to the works of Johann Gottfried Herder - Hans Adler, Wulf Köpke 2009

        Book  Provides a useful overview in English and good for bibliography.

      3. Johann Gottfried Herder in Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten - Friedrich Wilhelm Kantzenbach 1970

        Book  A biographical approch - and despite its age, very useful. From a very good series.

      4. Vico and Herder: two studies in the history of ideas - Isaiah Berlin 1976

        Book  Classic and provoking!

      5. Herder and scientific thought - Hugh Barr Nisbet 1970

        Book  A former St Andrews professor’s contribution!

    4. Week 8 and 9: Introduction to German Linguistics 5 items
      1. German linguistics: an introduction - Christopher Beedham 1995

        Book  See section 1.4 ‘The morpheme’, pp.18-19, and chapter 7 ‘Word formation’, pp.102‑120.

      2. Einführung in die germanistische Linguistik - Harro Gross, Klaus Fischer 1998

        Book  See Kapitel 4 ‘Morphologie’, pp. 48-72.

      3. The structure of German - Anthony Fox 2005

        Book  See chapter 3 ‘Morphology’, pp.102‑158. Available in the Library and as an e-book.

      4. A short history of the German language - William Walker Chambers, John Ritchie Wilkie 1970


    5. Weeks 10 and 11: Contemporary German Film 12 items
      1. Auf der anderen Seite - Fatih Akin 2007 (dvd)

        Audio-visual document Essential This is the set film for this section.

      2. German cinema: since unification - David Clarke 2006

        Book  See Rob Burns, 'Turkish-German Cinema: From Cultural Resistance to Transnational Cinema?', pp. 127–49 (digitised).

      3. Spaces in European cinema - Myrto Konstantarakos 2000

        Book  See Deniz Göktürk, 'Turkish Women on German Streets. Closure and Exposure in Transnational Cinema', pp. 64-76 (digitised).

    6. Bibliography and general 2 items
      1. Was sollen Germanisten lesen?: ein Vorschlag - Wulf Segebrecht 2006

        Book  For ideas on what to read.

    7. Literary history and reference 5 items
      Literary history is fascinating and there are lots of histories of German literature, some more useful than others. Some useful ones include:
      1. The Oxford companion to German literature - Henry Garland, Mary Garland 1986

        Book  Indespensible. Articles on periods, authors and texts. You may wish to buy a copy.

      2. The Cambridge history of German literature - Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly 1997

        Book  Detailed chapters on periods.

      3. The Cambridge history of German literature - Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly 1997

        Book  Very good, but devoted to the modern period.

      4. The twentieth century, 1890-1945 - Raymond Furness 1978

        Book  Part of the 'A Literary History of Germany' series - readable volumes on different periods. Further volumes are available in the Library.

      5. Daten deutscher Dichtung: chronologischer Abriss der deutschen Literaturgeschichte - Herbert A. Frenzel, Elisabeth Frenzel 1981

        Book  Chronological list of works and descriptions of them.

    8. Literary terms 3 items
      1. Sachwörterbuch der Literatur - Gero von Wilpert 1964

        Book  Key literary terms in German.

      2. The New Princeton encyclopedia of poetry and poetics - Alexander S. Preminger, T. V. F Brogan 1993

        Book  An excellent reference work. Entries on a range of key concepts and periods. Available in the Library or as an e-book.

      3. An introduction to German poetry - Ronald Douglas Gray 1965

        Book  Worked examples of analysis and glossary.

    9. Thinking about literature 2 items
      You will study different aspects of literary texts with each tutor in the first semester. However, useful overviews are:
      1. Theory of literature - René Wellek, Austin Warren 1963

        Book  A classic. Gets you thinking, and good English style.

      2. Grundkurs Literaturwissenschaft - Sabina Becker, Christine Hummel, Gabriele Sander 2006

        Book  Use for bibliography.

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